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Why go private?

Where can you receive unlimited professional time, appropriate care, personal attention and healing? Where are you really heard?  Who has the time and space to allow you to tell your story? Who wants to really know what it is like to be you? Who has the clinical experience and expertise to help you? A private counsellor in private practice. That is who and where.

Let’s think about this.

Unlimited professional time.

Your sessions are for 1 hour. You’re not rushed or shushed. You have space, psychological space to express yourself, exactly as you need to. In our crazy busy / limited resources world this in itself is almost non-existent and yet it is tremendously therapeutic.

‘In your own time’ is something we hear a lot. But is it just lip service?  In reality I find that we have to fit in with other people's busy schedules, their timetable, their rules. When people are struggling they actually NEED  clock time.  And the space to express themselves in their very personal way.

We’re all seduced by quick this and fast that. I’ve yet to meet anyone who recovered from health anxiety, for example, in a 10 minute appointment with a health professional. 

For those who remember, back in the day we used to have a family doctor. It was so very different then. Even though he/she was practicing the medical, not the psychological model, we could build a relationship with our doctor, we could talk about our families and worries. We were given time. It helped.

That’s all gone now.  Now we are told to discuss one issue per appointment. And we fight like a mad thing to actually get that appointment. And we’re allowed 9 minutes, I think. (That said, a serious issue is very different and those rules don't apply, thank goodness).

Back to now and my world of private counselling. Unlimited professional time I said. You can come every week for as long as it takes. (The provisor is that it is helping you and I am working ethically - in other words, within my limits of competence / with a clinical approach appropriate to your needs). Where on Earth does that happen?  I think ‘in your own time’ really and truly applies here.

To be continued...

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