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Phone Counselling 

There are certain times and situations whereby talking on the phone feels absolutely necessary. Even in our fast paced, video linked online world, we sometimes need a more traditional way to communicate. Not everyone wants to be on video. 

The women I hear from for phone counselling are these people. They need to talk, from the security of their own home or space, without staring at me and vice versa. I understand this. 

Years ago that's what we did. We phoned a friend. It helped. Nowadays, it feels as if the phone, minus video, seems to be petering out. Yet it is so helpful. 

The women I talk with are often struggling with awful stress, anxiety & overwhelm. I hear a lot about stress connected to life changes, insecurities, midlife, loss and relationship distress. 

The build up

Things that feel difficult can easily build up. Overthinking can take over. When this happens it can be hard to think clearly and make good choices.

Sometimes this can lead to feeling anxious, seemingly about everything. I’ve lost count of the times I have heard a client say they feel anxious but don’t know why. This can feel like you’re powerless and that can lead to more anxiety. Like a vicious circle, you may feel anxious about your anxiety.

Positive and solution friendly

Through phone counselling we work together to help you find ways to resolve your difficulties. This can be a tremendous relief, especially if you’ve been weighed down with worry.

Let’s talk

I’m a professional counsellor and phone counselling with me can be really helpful. I’m respectful, calm and kind. We will work together to improve your confidence and self-esteem. Because, as you probably know, when you are suffering with anxiety and stress your confidence can take a hit.

Whether its a single phone session or regular sessions, the difference this kind of support can make is remarkable!

The fee is £68 for a one hour session. This is paid in advance through PayPal. Please feel welcome to contact me to book. I can usually offer a session time reasonably quickly, if needed.

You can email me here: or you can call me: 07342 652090

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