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Workplace and Private Mindfulness

Health issues cause terrible stress. And stress causes terrible health issues. If you could learn and practice a daily routine to greatly reduce the anxiety and stress in your body, wouldn't that be something?

I am a counsellor. I also trained to teach mindfulness. The focus of my teaching is on mental and physical health needs, promoting well-being and helping you to get some control over your stress level.

Mindfulness is not counselling. But it is highly therapeutic. For many, world wide, this ancient practice is transforming their lives. This is not an overstatement.

The great thing about mindfulness, meditation and breathing practices is that people feel the changes happens quickly. Symptoms are relieved which helps them to deal with challenges and daily life in a calmer, more effective way.

In my private sessions I help young pre/post natal women, to peri/postmenopausal mid-life women, to older women, some with health issues - to reduce stress immediately and to understand how they may be unknowingly causing themselves unhealthy distress. 

In my work-place sessions I help people to recognise their stressful reactions and to use the practice to lower their stress levels, now. This supports not only their physical and mental health, but also their efficiency at work and in their daily lives.

You can access this specialised help in 3 ways:

1. Private 1:1 Weekly Online Practice Session (30 minutes)

2. Private 1:1 Learn Mindfulness Session (1 hour)

3. Mindfulness at Work Session (1 hour)

Mindfulness At Home & Work. Reduce stressWeekly Online Practice Session (30 mins)

Do you know that the reason people give up is because they don't think they are 'doing it right'.

I offer weekly 1:1 practice sessions for women who are serious about developing a practice to reduce their stress level. These sessions are supportive and encouraging, and take place online via FaceTime or WhatsApp video call.

Together we will practice breath-work and meditation that help our bodies calm down and our minds quieten. Perfect for helping you to establish a daily practice. The weekly cost is £30 and the sessions are for 30 minutes. 

Private 1:1 Mindfulness Session (1 hour)

Not everybody wants to learn in a group setting. Many of the women I help say they feel a bit self-conscious in a group and what is being discussed is not necessarily relevant to them. If this sounds like your experience then you’ll be glad you’ve found me.

My Private Mindfulness Sessions are unique to you and therefore we focus on your personal difficulties. The sessions involve teaching you the practice, breathwork, meditations and discovering the ways in which you may be unknowingly contributing to your distress. We conclude with suggestions for specific home-practice exercises.

The sessions can be used as 1.5 hours (which includes home-practice) of Continued Professional Development (CPD) if applicable to you.

The sessions are either in-person at my Kirby Muxloe practice, or by video call - I use FaceTime or WhatsApp video. In-person sessions are limited in terms of availability however.

Sound good? To book or have a chat with me either call me, Marina on 07342 652090 Or email me here

The private 1:1 sessions are charged at £68 for a 1 hour session. 

Workplace Mindfulness (1 hour)

Stress at work is highly contagious. Who isn’t looking for a calmer, better functioning workplace environment? Stressed employees can benefit tremendously from a mindfulness and meditation practice.

I deliver Workplace Mindfulness training sessions to groups, teams or departments within schools, businesses, charities and organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire.

These practical stand-alone training sessions means that each session is complete in itself. You may wish to run them as a one off training session, or on a regular basis. Many decide to run these sessions on a monthly basis. This ensures continuity of the practice and the health benefits continue to build. 

The beauty of the practice within the workplace is that calmer attitudes are contagious. Just as stress and fear are. 

An on-site 1 hour training session costs £300.00. The number of delegates does not affect the cost. 

Ethical Practice

I can’t help everyone. I do not knowingly work outside or beyond my limits of competence.

If I feel that my competence, my skills and my mindfulness experience are likely to be insufficient / unsuitable / unhelpfuI I will say so. There may be other mindfulness practitioners who are better qualified to help.

Even though mindfulness is not counselling, I feel this applies to all my work. It is extremely ethically important and something that professional bodies, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society are very clear about.

So should this be the case, I will do my best to suggest more appropriate professionals/organisations for you to consider.

Enjoy my special social page

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Well wishes, Marina

P.S. Please note, I cannot partake in a dual relationship with you. The relationship we have is either mindfulness client and teacher, or counselling client and counsellor. They are different.


Marina Broadley: Private Counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester, Leicestershire



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